Clubhouse enhances rooms with Spatial Audio

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Welcome to this week's news, commentary, discussion and upcoming events on Clubhouse and elsewhere.

News & Commentary

  • TechCrunch: Clubhouse is adding spatial audio effects to make users feel like they’re really in the room

  • PR News: The Summer of Social Audio: Clubhouse, New Platforms and Short-Form

  • MUO: Discord vs. Clubhouse: Which Should You Use?

  • TechCrunch: Popcorn’s new app brings short-form video to the workplace

  • The Verge: Twitter boosts Spaces by showing which ones your friends are attending

  • iMore: Twitter announces that Spaces will have the real estate where Fleets used to live

  • TechCrunch: Twitter starts to roll out paid Ticketed Spaces on iOS

  • Financial Times: Twitter Spaces with Pippa Malmgren

Clubhouse Release Notes & Town Hall Updates

The latest release took place on Sunday, August 29. The release included: new technology called spatial audio, which helps bring incredible rooms to life even more, a new one-tap "Follow back" activity feed item so you can easily follow back your friends, and a new app icon featuring the amazing Leah Lamarr (of Hot on the Mic fame) for September.

For Sunday's town hall, it highlights: Spatial Audio launched for surround sound Clubhouse rooms, and the rise in the number of Clubhouse rooms from 300k to 700k a day.

Video of the week

How to guides, tools, tips & tricks

You can find the full list of social audio tools compiled so far here

Recommended events coming up on Clubhouse

We realize that it's impossible to curate events on Clubhouse as every user has their own preferences. Additionally some of the best events are not scheduled and are created ad-hoc. With all that said, the list below includes what stood out for us and should appeal to a wide range of people. If there's anything you think we missed out, feel free to contact us.

MON Aug 30, 9 AM (EDT)

Welcome to Clubhouse Party! 🎉 New Users Onboarding Q+A


w/ Caroline Geraghty, Josie Eacho, Stephanie Deininger, Mariah Berry, Jennifer Hunt, Stephanie Moram, Teras {Terez} Smith-Smith, Elizabeth Molina, #WomxnBiz Club, Suzanne Orlando

Put on your party hats, we are Celebrating YOU! If you’ve got questions, we’ve got Answers 🥳WELCOME TO CLUBHOUSE, so glad you’re here! 🥳 To join Womxn in Business Club pls follow Founder @xtinaholder

MON Aug 30, 11 AM (EDT)

☕️ What Cryptocurrency Should I Buy? Bitcoin! #BB1 🧐❓


w/ Ben Tristem, Paul Capestany, Shelly Legit

What exactly is Bitcoin, and why should I care? Learn our DAO test. What is SOUND money? Think about regulation. Full Q&A. Visit for session notes, full timetable & more.

TUE Aug 31, 10 AM (EDT)

Around The Startup World 🌍


w/ Daniel Bracken, Pauline Tiako, Rachael Lashbrook, Colin Campbell, André Barnes, Natalya Meyer, Rahuldev Rajguru, Neil Metzler, Adam McGowan

Join us as founders from around the world 🌎 come up on stage to share their startups and interesting projects, for feedback or for fun! Open hand-raising encouraged!!

TUE Aug 31, 2 PM (EDT)

Non-tech founders running a tech startup? 👉 Ask a CTO


w/ Nelly Yusupova, Gregarious

Are you a non-technical founder launching or want to launch a tech startup? Ask your questions of Nelly Yusupova, CTO with 18 years experience.

WED Sep 1, 12 PM (EDT)

People Optimizer: Leaders - R U Leaving Money on the Table?


w/ fromhow2wow, Ginny Grabowski, Colin Campbell

Unhealthy employees are 46% less productive. How can you, as a leader, avoid this kind of downturn in your team? Could the secret be in the lifestyle?

THU Sep 2, 2 PM (EDT)

Inclusiveness and Social Media 🔴


w/ Dr.Francine Hardaway, (ReBLACKaForTheBLACKs), Hayman Buwaneswaran Buwan, Ed Nusbaum, Elijah Joy, Thomas Tajo

Is social media a help or a hindrance as we try to create a more diverse, inclusive society. Have you learned how to navigate the dopamine hits, the influence, and the insults to talk to each other?

THU Sep 2, 9 PM (EDT)

Buying Bitcoin For Your IRA & 401K Retirement Accounts. 1 hr


w/ Terrence Yang, Kaz ₿ycko

FRI Sep 3, 11:30 AM (EDT)

🚀🤝Selling Shamelessly - Give, Ask, Network 💰🤝💡


w/ Aryen Negi, Michele Van Tilborg, Sajju Jain, Aditya Arora, Dilnawaz Khan, Eric Patel, UMESH THOTA, Rutveez Roopam Rout, Vijji Suryadevara, Arjita Sethi, Olivia Valdes, Rachael Lashbrook

Join our weekly Friday night room and network with entrepreneurs from around the world. Build partnerships, get clients and make friends. 🤝🌍🌎🌏

SAT Sep 4, 1:55 PM (EDT)

Digital Nomad Life: How To Afford Full-Time Travel 🌎


w/ Ashley McCurdy, Isabella Joy, Peter McGraw, Ihita Kabir

Do you want to become a digital nomad but are not sure where to begin? Traveling the world full-time & living in hotels is not only possible but we can teach you how to do it (even on a budget).

SUN Sep 5, 11 AM (EDT)

Stop Pitching, Start Building: Let’s Us Help You Get Unstuck


w/ Soumeya Benghanem, Bader Hamdan, Susan Sierota, Hiro Kiga, Chris Moreno, Camille Wilson

Let’s talk about building.

SUN Sep 5, 10 PM (EDT)

Office Hours ⏰ for Underestimated Founders & Investors 🙏🏽🔥


w/ Chris Moreno, Brandon Brooks, Michele Heyward, Angel Gambino, Lindsey Chakraborty, Pete De Mare, David S. Rose, Max Tuchman, Rose Bowlus, Tim Young, Soumeya Benghanem, Zécca Lehn, Lilly Han

Join fellow founders & investors each week for office hours for about an hour. Share your 1 quick win of the week 🎉& 1 current challenge or question we can help you with🙏🏽. Please be sure to have your bio updated with your company and a way for others to contact you 👍🏽

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