Clubhouse rolls out Universal Search and Clubhouse Links (beta)

Mark Cuban's Fireside, Clubhouse marketing, Signal, Social Audio branding, Twitter Spaces, Matthew McConaughey talks Texas politics

Welcome to this week's news, commentary, discussion and upcoming events on Clubhouse and elsewhere.

News & Commentary

  • Make Use Of: Clubhouse Finally Adds Universal Search

  • AdWeek: Clubhouse Links Rolls Out in Beta for iOS Users

  • TechCrunch: Mark Cuban-backed live entertainment app Fireside launches to creators

  • Entrepreneur: How Clubhouse's Concept Introduces a Powerful New Way of Marketing

  • Aljazeera: Signal, Telegram mint millions of new users on Facebook outage

  • B2C: How Social Audio Delivers on Brand Storytelling

  • Make Use Of: How Do You Get Spaces on Twitter?

  • Financial Times: Twitter Spaces on the Pandora Papers

  • NPR: Matthew McConaughey hints on Twitter Spaces about potential run for Texas Governor

Clubhouse Release Notes & Town Hall Updates

The latest release took place on Wednesday, October 6. It included Mandiie Martinez as the new Clubhouse icon for the month of October. She is a multi-hyphenated creator and club organizer-extraordinaire. They also introduced Clubhouse Links since many people have said they prefer private Clubhouse rooms to phone calls or video chat. Read the full release notes here.

During Sunday's town hall, the highlights included: Room links, new “+room” button, and better hand raise queue. They announced the upcoming highlights users can look forward to which include: Music mode, hallway search, language picker for iOS, and new custom link previews.

Video of the week

How to guides, tools, tips & tricks

  • The Wrap: How to Create an Epic Clubhouse Room and Attract Celebrity Guests Organically

You can find the full list of social audio tools compiled so far here

Recommended events coming up on Clubhouse

We realize that it's impossible to curate events on Clubhouse as every user has their own preferences. Additionally some of the best events are not scheduled and are created ad-hoc. With all that said, the list below includes what stood out for us and should appeal to a wide range of people. If there's anything you think we missed out, feel free to contact us.

MON, Oct 11, 7:30 PM (EDT)

Notaries:TIPS &TRICkS to bring TRAFFIC to your WEBSITE


w/ Star McQueen, Lori Morgan, Tiffany Stevens, Rosie O

MON, Oct 11, 1 PM (EDT)

Pricing Your NFTs in the Space


w/ Vintagemozart, Linda Dounia Rebeiz, Shay, izz Akkosia, DarkMythst TheArtist

Are you over or undercharging your work? Finding the right floor price for your own work

TUE, Oct 12, 1 PM (EDT)

Ask us about NFTs, DeFi and DAOs


w/ Mariana Danilovic, Adryenn Ashley, Carlos Rodriguez, PIPS White, Scott Carlson, Jeanette DePatie, Brady S. Williams, Wise Crow, Teri Garrett, LUVELLI, ReadyPlayerOne

Share your knowledge and ask any questions about NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs. Our panel of experts and members of our club will share in the discussion.

TUE, Oct 12, 7:30 PM (EDT)

Heated About Climate: The Policy, the Politics, the #$@!%


w/ Bill Weihl, Sarah Keller, Emily Atkin, Jennifer Allyn, Andrea Soccorso, Chris Cheng

Founder of ClimateVoice, and former Green Energy Czar at Google & Sustainability at Facebook, chats with Author, journalist and founder of HEATED.

WED, Oct 13, 6:45 PM (EDT)

HR40, Chicago EEOC Settlement, Dave Chappelle, Opioids, HBCU


w/ Ty Harper-Freedmen, Reparations League

HR40, Chicago EEOC Racial Discrimination Settlement, Dave Chappelle, Opioids, AB105, HBCU's, Black News, Announcements & Civic Engagement.

WED, Oct 13, 7 PM (EDT)

NFTs for the Equities Crowd


w/ Daketia Lucas, Bruno Bowmore, Keen, Gifdead, Carmen Aguirre, Luis Fernandez, Faraaz Kaskar, Gunnar Magnus, Hope Smalling

An intro to NFTs for those coming from the equities space. NFTs as… Investments? Speculations? Can you think of a cooler Christmas gift than an NFT?

THU, Oct 14, 9 AM (EDT)

Export, Import and FDI Global Expansion News


w/ Doug Bruhnke, Jeffrey Smith, Selam Ayalew, Kirsty Wilkinson, Nelson Olavarrieta, Lanie Denslow, Rubby Golo, Katie Keith, William (Bill) Edwards, Colin Christie, Kathrin Bussmann, Allison Yeager, Zach Selch, rene baardewijk

Connect with global leaders for business news and analysis from the global tribe in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia & the Americas. Bring your global business update from 525 metros & let’s discuss.

THU, Oct 14, 7:30 PM (EDT)

1️⃣st Meeting: 👖Streetwear & Adidas👟


w/ Roger Ladellé

⏰ Duration: 1hr | Join as the discussion opens up about all things streetwear, and what is happening to the ADIDAS brand today🛎

FRI, Oct 15, 12 PM (EDT)

Emotional Leadership Practice


w/ Mark Greene, Boysen Hodgson, Charles Matheus

Helping men reclaim our ability to speak from and grow from our emotional experiences. A blend of men’s work and meta-masculinity narratives. Speak or just listen. All genders welcome.

FRI, Oct 15, 1 PM (EDT)

Importance of Collecting Art as an Artist


w/ Vintagemozart, Stonez The Organic, Linda Dounia Rebeiz, DarkMythst TheArtist, Andre Oshea, Shay

Why you should collect art and the importance on learning how to invest in art.

SAT, Oct 16, 1:30 PM (EDT)

Cryptocurrency & related technologies with Kal Kassa [Rec🔴]


w/ Tef, Kal Kassa

Kal Kassa is a bitcoin pleb and an amateur chef from San Jose. Over the past 8 years he's been working in business advisory for clients in Ethiopia and the United States. Today, Kal leads open source educational content for @BitcoinBirr and is building the Bitcoin Africa Conference to be hosted in Addis Ababa #AfricanSatoshi. When he's not with his family and friends, Kal is writing for Bitcoin Magazine or working on his book "Recovering Communist" due on sale September 2022.

SAT, Oct 16, 2 PM (EDT) Intro to NFT’s w/ Iyanu Odebode, Phd, Stefan Youngblood, Paulina Likos, Jay Menez, NiKole Maxwell

SUN, Oct 17, 12 PM (EDT)

Interview /W 🛡️World Champion Bodybuilder Joshua Self.


w/ Adam Weiss, Joshua Self

With a background in bio-mechanics, Joshua Self, 4 time Physique Fitness Champion has crafted a revolutionary, targeted training program.

SUN, Oct 17, 9:30 PM (EDT)

Sci Fi Talks with David Brin !


w/ Hollis Robbins, David Brin

The great David Brin (The Postman, the Uplift stories) will join us to talk about climate science fiction, the impact of technology on our world, the impact of fiction, and maybe the post office!

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