LeBron James and SpringHill Company Partners With Clubhouse for Audio Series

NPR Vet as CH Head of News, Waves invites, LinkedIn creator fund, Leah Lamarr, Spotify, Karen Civil hack, Adam Tooze, Twitter Spaces

Welcome to this week's news, commentary, discussion and upcoming events on Clubhouse and elsewhere.

News & Commentary

  • Hollywood Reporter: LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Partners With Clubhouse for Audio Series

  • TechCrunch: Clubhouse hires a head of news from NPR to build out publisher relationships

  • The Verge: Clubhouse appears to be working on Waves, a new way to invite friends to rooms

  • TechCrunch: LinkedIn launches a $25M fund for creators, will test Clubhouse-style audio feature in coming weeks

  • TechCrunch: Spotify’s Clubhouse clone adds six new weekly shows, some that tie to Spotify playlists

  • Tech Point Africa: A chat with Mopewa Ogundipe, Nigerian-born engineer behind Clubhouse’s Android app

  • Fast Company: How Clubhouse made breakout star Leah Lamarr a better comedian

  • Hot New Hip Hop: Karen Civil Admits on Clubhouse that She Paid To Have Jason Lee's IG Hacked

  • Financial Times: Twitter Spaces with Adam Tooze

  • Make Use Of: Twitter Spaces vs. Clubhouse: Which Platform Is Better?

  • Mint: Has Clubhouse plateaued before it hit the peak?

Clubhouse Release Notes & Town Hall Updates

The latest release took place on Wednesday, September 15. It included better tools to manage your clubs which include: Club Admins can now delete club events that were scheduled by other Members, Club Members will no longer get notifications about every Member-created event, and Club creators can delete their old clubs right from the app. Read the full release notes here.

Sunday's town hall mostly highlighted the new release including the better admin tools for Clubs and another special announcement that they have renamed room 'topics' to 'titles' to avoid confusion with the other kind of topics on Clubhouse.

Video of the week

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Recommended events coming up on Clubhouse

We realize that it's impossible to curate events on Clubhouse as every user has their own preferences. Additionally some of the best events are not scheduled and are created ad-hoc. With all that said, the list below includes what stood out for us and should appeal to a wide range of people. If there's anything you think we missed out, feel free to contact us.

MON Sep 20, 4 PM (EDT)

Cultivating Courage Among Students


w/ Krista Leh, Jan Frolic, Jennifer Johnson, Anthony Martin, Sheila Kennedy, Ming Shelby, LaVonna Roth

Join us each Monday from 4-5 PM ET as we delve into a different aspect of social emotional learning, share successes, and discuss challenges with implementation.

MON Sep 20, 5 PM (EDT)

🧬📰🚨This Week’s Breakthrough Biotech Investment Trends 📈


w/ Jennifer Robin Kulik, Dr.Chandler Park, Yavuz Selim SILAY, Deep Barot

The latest in this week’s Biotech Investment Trends. Catch your up-to-date news here with Deep Barot!

TUE Sep 21, 1 PM (EDT)

Ask us about NFTs, DeFi and DAOs


w/ Mariana Danilovic, Adryenn Ashley, Hrish Lotlikar, Carlos Rodriguez, Scott Carlson, ekkis, Jeanette DePatie, ANNnonymous, Israel Wilson

Share your knowledge and ask any questions about NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs. Our panel of experts and members of our club will share in the discussion.

TUE Sep 21, 1 PM (EDT)

Crypto news, golden cross signal, gov’ts baring teeth 😆


w/ Alexandra Damsker, Ken Frankel, Kay Hanley, Zack Shapiro, Jesse Halfon, Corey Segall, Anie Akpe, Aly Sosagui

WED Sep 22, 7 PM (EDT)

Fade In: Story Matters Mobile Filmmaking


w/ Susy Botello, Jason Marshall

Smartphone filmmakers, let’s discuss the importance of story to the success of your films. We invited Jason C. Marshall from our new “In The Weeds” Series on the #SBPpodcast #MobileFilmmaking for Q&A.

WED Sep 22, 8 PM (EDT)

How To Fund Real Estate Using Capital Gains & Op Zones 🔴 REC


w/ Anna Kopperud, Jabbar Fairweather, David Sillaman, Joseph Luna, Rich Baluyot, Mark Politi

THU Sep 23, 12 PM (EDT)



w/ The Joint Venture Expert, Louise Mitchell, Dilnawaz Khan, Sama Jashnani

Here’s your chance to practice your PITCH to the room of VCs, Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs!

THU Sep 23, 8:30 PM (EDT)

Founder Spotlight: Matt Redler (Panther)


w/ Murewa Olubela, Madison Delgado, Vikas Bhatia, Sat Ramphal, James Sullivan

Panther, launched in June 2020, recently closed a $2.5M seed round after a $1.7M seed round 6 months prior. Matt plans to triple the team to 30 employees in the next six month and build out its tech.

FRI Sep 24, 12 PM (EDT)

Creating Healthy Pizzas with The Pizza Doctor


w/ Chef Dr. Mike, Michael Fox

After the GOAT discussion last week we continue the joy with a chat about Fungis (and Gals!) with everything mushroom. Join us for a Shroom Call!!

FRI Sep 24, 3 PM (EDT)

Meet the Company: Bitnob


w/ Eche Emole, Bernard Parah, Nikki

A one hour interaction with companies shaping the future of Africa.

SAT Sep 25, 1:30 PM (EDT)

Career Talk: Data Science, Analytics & more


w/ Tef, Zack Fantaye, Mahi, Bereket Kindo, Etana Disasa

We will be talking with professionals who are currently working as Data Scientist, Data Analyst & more. Join us to share your insights. Please come and learn and ask your questions about this Career.

SAT Sep 25, 8 PM (EDT)

Disability Inclusion + Mindset

w/ Michelle Walker

We will be having an open discussion surrounding disability inclusion, and mindset. This is a safe space, and respect is a must. Please identify yourself when speaking, Thank you!

SUN Sep 26, 11:15 AM (EDT)

What is Lucid Dreaming & How Can It Expand Our Awareness?


w/ Avi Hakhamanesh, Nicoline Douwes Isema, Robert Waggoner

Lucid dreaming is the ability to become consciously aware that you are dreaming while you are in the dream state. In the lucid dream world you can fly through space & create fire-breathing dragons… all in the safety of your subconscious mind. Lucid dreaming can also be used as a practical tool for personal development, spiritual growth and greater conscious awareness. Join us as we welcome Robert Waggoner, a world renown expert on lucid dreaming, who will teach us about the science, beauty and potential of it. Robert is an accomplished public speaker and the author of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self. He served as the former President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), and is the co-editor of The Lucid Dreaming Experience – the sole online publication devoted specifically to lucid dreaming. A lucid dreamer since 1975, he has logged more than 1,000 lucid dreams. He has also been interviewed on the topic by CNN, CBS News, and ABC News.

SUN Sep 26, 3 PM (EDT)

Cannabis Church guest Sermon by Nydia


w/ KC Murdock, Nydia ZT, Leah Patrick

Special Guest Sermon by Nydia ⛪🙌🏽💚🌱🙏🏾 SELF ACCEPTANCE through Spirituality and Ceremony.

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