Pilot for Reddit Talk is now live

Twitter Spaces rebuilding API, cash in transition economies, Gillmor Gang, removing Afghan users personal info for safety, Lakers fan club growing, Spaces replay feature

Welcome to this week's news, commentary, discussion and upcoming events on Clubhouse and elsewhere.

News & Commentary

  • AdWeek: Pilot of Clubhouse Clone Feature Reddit Talk Is in Full Swing

  • TechCrunch: Twitter adds support for Twitter Spaces to its rebuilt API

  • Financial Times: Twitter Spaces on cash in transition economies

  • TechCrunch: Gillmor Gang: Cryptonomics

  • Dr. Finance: How to Run a Successful Entrepreneur Club on Clubhouse

  • The Verge: Clubhouse removed personal info from users’ accounts in Afghanistan as a safety measure

  • Digital Journal: The Los Angeles Lakers Fan Club Has Achieved Clubhouse Success With 9,000 Followers and Counting!

  • The Indian Express: Twitter Spaces may soon get new replay and live chat features: Here’s everything we know

Clubhouse Release Notes & Town Hall Updates

The latest release took place on August 17, 2021. The highlights included: Eliminating club "Followers," and introducing "Membership" for clubs, admin can now choose to make a club Open or By Approval. They have also added a new role called "Leaders" to help admins. Find the previous release notes here. Find the previous release notes here.

During Sunday’s town hall, the highlights included: Leah Lamarr opening for Dane Cook in Las Vegas; Insights on Afghanistan; music & tech chats; discussions about the Onlyfans news; Jeopardy's new host stepping down; NFL pre-season and La Liga coverage.

Video of the week

Recommended events coming up on Clubhouse

We realize that it's impossible to curate events on Clubhouse as every user has their own preferences. Additionally some of the best events are not scheduled and are created ad-hoc. With all that said, the list below includes what stood out for us and should appeal to a wide range of people. If there's anything you think we missed out, feel free to contact us.

MON, Aug 23, 11 AM (EDT)

Starting a Business/ as a Freelancer…


w/ Erik Brunnekreef, Kevin Schuit, Rachael Lashbrook

Business Builders Europe - Conquer your fear… Get the right legal and financial advice… When is the best time to start? How to get expert help?

MON, Aug 23, 7 PM (EDT)

The Future of Quantum // wtf is quantum


w/ Bethania Bacigalupe, Mazzi

Wtf is quantum and why should I care? Save to your calendar with the bell 🔔

TUE, Aug 24, 3 PM (EDT)

Connecting Canadian Entrepreneurs 🇨🇦


w/ Victoria Marshman, Rachael Lashbrook, Sophie Callahan Warlow

Are you a purpose-driven leader? This room is for us to get to know some of Canada’s most inspiring leaders & entrepreneurs. All who attend will have a chance to come on stage & share who they are!

TUE, Aug 24, 10 PM (EDT)

Bitcoin For Beginners


w/ Terrence Yang, Neil Jacobs

WED, Aug 25, 1 PM (EDT)

Become a Succesful Social Media Manager — Q&A


w/ Josie Eacho, Brittney Megann, Brittney Trahan, Michelle Lange, Amy Rasha Hage, Rachael Lashbrook

This is your chance to ask Social Media Managers any & all questions regarding social media management.. 60 minute event!

WED, Aug 25, 1:55 PM (EDT)

✈️😳😖 Travel SCAMS!! Share Your Tale of Woe! 😯


w/ Nora Dunn, Amanda Savan, Owen Beiny, Ashley McCurdy, Jessalyn Dean, Peter McGraw, Ihita Kabir, Isabella Joy, Solmaz

Have you been scammed while traveling?? Share your story so we can all travel smarter and know what to look out for! This room is casual, inclusive, and fun.

WED, Aug 25, 8 PM (EDT)

Welcome to Clubhouse 👋


w/ Paul Davison, Rohan Seth, Anu

👋 Join us for our weekly orientation to Clubhouse! Whether you're a newbie or just need a refresher, drop-in for an introduction to Clubhouse followed by an interactive Q&A. You can also find our New User Guide at welcome.clubhouse.com!

THU, Aug 26, 5 PM (EDT)

🔴 The Complete Entrepreneur: Growing a Business During COVID


w/ Olivia Valdes, Rachael Lashbrook, Jeffrey Sass, Colin Campbell, Michele Van Tilborg

🔴 COVID-19 has changed everything in how business has been conducted in the past. How can an entrepreneur still work towards their dream in a market full of fear and uncertainty?

THU, Aug 26, 6 PM (EDT)

Customer Research & Product-Market Fit


w/ Lindsay Tabas, Nelly Yusupova, Rachael Lashbrook, Gregarious

This Q&A is for founders looking to measure product-market fit at any stage of their startup journey. Bring your questions around customers, research, testing, product, design & marketing.

FRI, Aug 27, 12:30 PM (EDT)

✨ Glow Up Your Branding ✨Don’t skip these essential steps


w/ Jami Schaer, Alyssa Sagum, Bianca Paggi

Is your branding lackluster or nonexistent? Want to 10x your revenue? Join us for chef’s kiss branding tips that make an 💰impact 💰and free audits of your IG, or CH.

FRI, Aug 27, 2:55 PM (EDT)

Welcome to A Club!


w/ Ed Nusbaum

Everyone is welcome! Tap to join the club. Or, if you’re already a member, tap the “Invite People” button. And be sure to sign up for news and updates at www.A.club

SAT, Aug 28, 1:55 PM (EDT)

Digital Nomad Life: How To Afford Full-Time Travel


w/ Ashley McCurdy, Isabella Joy, Peter McGraw, Ihita Kabir

Do you want to become a digital nomad but are not sure where to begin? Traveling the world full-time & living in hotels is not only possible but we can teach you how to do it (even on a budget).

SUN, Aug 29, 12 PM (EDT)

Clubhouse Town Hall 📣


w/ Paul Davison, Rohan Seth, Anu

We'll let you know what's on our mind and answer your questions each Sunday. Visit our knowledge center to submit your questions in advance. Tap the gear icon on your user profile, then FAQ or visit support.clubhouse.com! 🙏

SUN, Aug 29, 9 PM (EDT)

TRXS presents: The Steps-Music Biz w/ Dr. Mathew Knowles


w/ Skrapp, Shakena Luster, Kyra McC, Tiffany Haddish, Sierra Amari

A music business conversation with Dr. Matthew Knowles. How to successfully navigate the music industry. Tips, techniques, formulas, and experiences to help you reach your music goals. Rsvp now!

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