Rohan Seth highlighted on Fortune's 2021 40 Under 40 list

CH Universal Safety Issue, Kim Carrey fan site, Callin with $12M funding, CH Australia growth plans, Amazon live audio with Alexa, CH marketing, Twitter Spaces business strategy, Paul Pierce drama

Welcome to this week's news, commentary, discussion and upcoming events on Clubhouse and elsewhere.

News & Commentary

  • Fortune: Rohan Seth, Co-Founder of Clubhouse, highlighted on Fortune's 2021 40 Under 40 list.

  • Inc: Clubhouse Breaks Its Own Rule, Saving Lives in Afghanistan and Revealing a Universal Safety Issue

  • Fortune: From Jim Carrey fan site to Clubhouse: A founder’s journey to social media success

  • Voicebot AI: Social Audio Podcasting Platform Callin Launches With $12M Funding

  • Ad News: Clubhouse includes Australia in growth plans, but competitors could get in its way

  • Digital Music News: Amazon Is Working on a Live Audio Feature With Alexa, Similar to Clubhouse

  • Associations Now: The Pros and Cons of Clubhouse Marketing

  • Today UK: Why You Should Make Twitter Spaces Part of Your Business Strategy

  • Landon Buford: Paul Pierce Throws Shade At The Nine NBA Teams That Passed On Him In 1998 NBA Draft on Clubhouse

Clubhouse Release Notes & Town Hall Updates

No new app updates this week. Find the previous release notes here.

The highlights of Sunday's town hall: FB glasses with John Constine; benefit in aid of Ida victims; Shang Chi chat with cast members; Matrix 4 trailer discussion; Nidhi Tewari room about 9/11 impacts on mental health; 9/11 first responders room; Are You Okay? day convos; NBA's Paul Pierce hall of fame send-off; shorter room formats; and more! Find the full Twitter thread here.

Video of the week

How-to guides, tools, tips & tricks

  • Make Use Of: How to Deactivate Your Clubhouse Account

  • Adweek: How to Stop Followers From Seeing the Spaces You're Listening To

  • Make Use Of: 7 Tips to Get More Clubhouse Followers

You can find the full list of social audio tools compiled so far here

Recommended events coming up on Clubhouse

We realize that it's impossible to curate events on Clubhouse as every user has their own preferences. Additionally some of the best events are not scheduled and are created ad-hoc. With all that said, the list below includes what stood out for us and should appeal to a wide range of people. If there's anything you think we missed out, feel free to contact us.

MON Sep 13, 10:30 AM (EDT)

Spring Revolution Context - Conversation with Maw Htun Aung

From MYANMAR - မြန်မာ

w/ Gun Sumlut, Maw Htun Laphai

Six months on, Myanmar Spring Revolution’s prime objective hasn’t changed: “down with the dictatorship”. However, it also brings up many questions old and new. Come find some answer with Ko Maw Htun.

MON Sep 13, 12 PM (EDT)

NFT Celebration with Artist Kelly Ann Owsiany

w/ Yolanda Baker, Kelly Owsiany

Celebrate with Yolanda and Proof of Ability, highlighting Kelly Ann Owsiany’s art and the auction of her work. We’ll talk about NFTs and take questions. NOTE: This convo may not be for all audiences.

TUE Sep 14, 1 PM (EDT)

👨‍⚕️ Tuesdays w/Timo. Your self esteem and positive feedbacK


w/ Laurel @WITSI, Timo Jattu

This is week we discuss your self esteem, and positive feedback? Timo J. holds a BSc in Social Work & holds certifications in MH Crisis Management, Specialized Youth Work/Counseling & Rehabilitation.

TUE Sep 14, 3 PM (EDT)


w/ JaLexia Moore, April Showers

We Will Begin Reading Chapter 3 - Crimes Against Humanity, from the Book, “ Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome ”

WED Sep 15, 9:30 PM (EDT)



w/ DanLevy, Collin Ryan, Aur-Aelion Israel

WED Sep 15, 8:30 PM (EDT)

Racism in CH: What to do about Mods, Narcissism and Safety


w/ Dr. Jessica Isom, Dr. Nathalie Martinek, Jonathon Ross

What’s racism and narcissism got to do with CH? I’m sure y’all have experienced it. Let’s discuss what safety and accountability should look like. We will open the floor & offer tips for safety.

THU Sep 16, 11 AM (EDT)

#5 Reasons Why You May Lose Control Of Your Company


w/ Steve Vilkas, Victoria Yampolsky

Join Victoria Yampolsky, Founder & CEO of The Startup Station and Steve Vilkas for a deep discussion on a very important topic. How do founders find and achieve balance w control? Come curious!

THU Sep 16, 8 PM (EDT)

What’s the Future of Suicide Prevention? 🔴


w/ Dr.Carlene MacMillan,MD, Owen Muir, MD, FrontierPsych Helper

The next installment in the Frontier Psychiatrist’s series in honor of Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month: Learn about evidence-based cutting edge approaches to preventing suicide. AskSphere.Club

FRI Sep 17, 8 AM (EDT)

Overcoming Struggles, Having Strength, and Building WEALTh


w/ Star McQueen, Bill Soroka

FRI Sep 17, 4 PM (EDT)

NFTs: Transforming Sports & Fueling $180 Billion Market 🚀🔴


w/ Caroline Geraghty, Sohaib Imtiaz, Christina Holder, Dennis Maliani, Erwin Valencia

Join DENNIS MALIANI of Apotheka Systems and learn more about their NFT enablement technology offering on Seed At The Table crowd fundraising platform. Take a deep dive into how Apotheka’s fan engagement technology will make the biggest impact on sports and how you can be a part of it! ⚽️🏀🏈

SAT Sep 18, 1 PM (EDT)

Edibles & Anime


w/ Ciel, Jewell Sama

SAT Sep 18, 11 AM (EDT)



w/ Xavier Meyers, Elaine Adu-Poku, Anaïs Mutumba

SUN Sep 19, 1 PM (EDT)

💃🏻Authenticity in Style


w/ Leena Alsulaiman, Roz Kaur

How does one apply the practice of being authentic through their wardrobe and fashion choices? How can you reflect your authenticity through your personal style & how do you adapt when things change?

SUN Sep 19, 8 PM (EDT)

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with us!

w/ Yeniffer Behrens, Julie Carmen

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